“There is not a day that goes by where I don’t use Aloe Up sunscreen. I spend 360 days outside and need to protect myself from the harmful UV rays. Thank you Aloe Up!”

~With the help of Aloe Up, Doug Stoup has skied to both the North & South poles, more times than anyone on the planet.

-Doug Stoup

Intl. Polar Expedition Guide

“Aloe Up is awesome because I can spray it on before I skate and it does not sweat off or get in my eyes. It is the best for anyone who likes to be active in the sun.”

-Anthony Johnson

Professional Skateboarder



“Representing the USA in rugby requires training in the sun at least 4 hours a day. We use Aloe Up because it’s non-greasy so we don’t have to worry about gripping the ball during big games. Knowing we are protected from the sun helps keep our heads in the game so we can play our absolute best.”

-USA Women's Rugby

7’s National Team



“Aloe Up is tough on protecting me from the sun so that I can be tough on my competition. It goes on smooth and does not feel greasy like many other brands that I have used in the past. Aloe Up is like my American Express card, I never leave home without it.”

-Stephen Armes

Lt. Col. United States Marine Corps/Member All Marine Triathlon Team

“I love how light the sunscreen goes on, it dries quickly and it lasts for a long time. Re-application is easy, even when sweating and I don’t feel like I am wearing a second layer of skin. The Aloe Up line of Lip Ice comes in multiple refreshing flavors and protects my lips from the ends of the earth, whether in the Arctic or Antarctic.”

-Sean Busby

Professional Snowboard Guide


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