Aloe Ice Jelly uses the natural resources of the Aloe Vera plant to help heal sunburned skin while the topical anesthetic Lidocaine soothes the pain. Our sunburn relief formula is enriched with a 96.9% Aloe Vera Gel by volume base and doesn’t contain Parabens. Pamper your sun damaged skin with the natural power of Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Ice Jelly is also great for relief from burns, cuts, scrapes, bites, coral burns, and jelly fish stings.

After Sun Light Moisturizer will refresh and hydrate your skin after spending time in the sun. Based with Aloe Vera Gel, this Paraben-Free moisturizer is comprised of antioxidant ingredients including Coconut Oil, Acai Berry, Green Tea, and Vitamin E which nourish yet help prevent further damage to your skin. Unlike many moisturizers, this formula penetrates deeply to replenish you skins’ natural moisture balance.

Hand Sanitizer by Aloe Up instant foaming Hand Sanitizer is a safe and effective alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers. In addition to killing a wide range of common and dangerous microbes with unprecedented efficacy of 99.999%, our formula has been proven effective against Norovirus, MRSA, EColi, and SARS. It protects for 30 minutes and each bottle contains 125 applications.

***Aloe Up ships to US addresses only, sorry!